Thursday: Drop by my office!

Instead of class on Thursday, I’m going to have extended office hours. Please drop by if you have any questions, drafts, or thoughts to share. I’m happy to help. I’ll be in my office from 2-6pm.

And I’ll have treats to share!


Week 10 Review and Reminders

Last week of classes! And you’re done with 90% of the work for this class. Good work. Let’s end strong by reviewing the course material and preparing for the final project.

6/6: Review of course. No reading. 

6/8: Prepare for final project

Due: Monday 6/12 Portfolio

Week 9 Course prep and reminders

You’re almost done! Yay. This week, we are going to focus on completing and refining your info packets.

Tuesday: We are going to create and practice user tests to evaluate the effectiveness of your projects. Some of you will have conferences.

Thursday: Conferences with groups in 1516 South Hall.

Here are some reminders:

  1. Conferences today/Thursday, meet in 1516 South Hall. 
  2. Due Friday: Final info packets due on Gauchospace, before midnight.
  3. Info packet includes 1) info packet, 2) justification essay, 3) references/sources.
  4. Due Friday: Group Assessment due on Gauchospace, before midnight.

Group Conference Schedule

During week 9, I will meet with each of your groups for 15 mins. The time for your conference is below. This conference counts for our class on Thursday. You only have to come to class on Tuesday and your conference. You do not have to attend a normally scheduled class on Thursday. We will meet in my office 1516 South Hall.

May 30th 

4:45 Cole, JJ, Blake

6:15 Chris Sasha, Mark Peter

6:30 David, Raul, JT

6:45 Tristan, Amanda, Miguel

June 1

2 Xulia, Benjamin, Yueyang

2:15 Bryan, Ramond, Ning, Edward,

2:30Deanna, Tracy, Vince

2:45 Daniel, Jeremy, Prabal

3:00  -Loose, Taylor, Gena

3:30 Charlie, Andy, Xoltan

3:45 Arta, Natalie, Edward

4pm Phenix, Shane, Daniel

4:15 Artem, Matthew, Austen

4:30Anthony Reed, Nick



Week 8 Course Prep

5/23: In class workshop on metaphors. And analysis of some technical metaphors. Expect feedback on your proposal before class on Tuesday.

5/25: Come to class with a partial or rough draft of your final project. In class peer-review.

Friday 5/26 First draft of Information Packet due. This draft is due in HARD COPY to my office door. Or if your project is digital, then submit via email.


Week 7 Course Prep


We are going to take one day to discuss ethics as they relate to technical communication. The Katz article is long and somewhat challenging. Be sure to take time to look up words that you don’t know, but don’t worry about understanding every point in the article. Read for the over-all arguments. We will discuss this in class on Tuesday.

5/16 Read: Katz “Ethics of Expediency”

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5/18: Time to work in groups on proposal
Friday 5/19 Proposal Due