Each week, we will spend Tuesday reading, thinking and preparing with theories and strategies. On Thursday we will practice those strategies and test out those theories with applied workshops and activities. Then on Friday you will demonstrate what you learned by composing an assignment that applies the theories and skills that you learned.

Week 1: Introduction to Tech Writing
4/4 Read: Free day

4/6 Read: “What can History Teach Us about Tech Comm” and “What is the Future of Tech Comm?” (PDF on Gauchospace)

Week 2: Working as a tech writer
4/11 Easy reading this week. Just read this article about cover letters and another article about resumes

4/13: Workshop: Come to class with at least 2 job ads for positions you would ideally apply for. 

Friday 4/14 Job Documents due

Week 3: Technical Rhetoric
4/18 Read: James Paradis, “Text and Action: The Operator’s Manual in Context and in Court” (PDF in Gauchospace)

4/20: Workshop on rhetorical analysis

Week 4: Design
4/25 Read: Read this short article that summarizes “Design Thinking” watch this short video 

4/27: Workshop on instructions. Bring draft of instructions to class on Thursday.

Friday 4/28 Instruction set due

Week 5: Audience and Context
5/2 Read “Technical Rhetoric” and prepare questions for Gina Barukh’s visit.

5/4: Workshop

Week 6: Argument
5/9 Reading: No reading. Do research for your white paper.

5/11: Workshop on rhetorical analysis

Friday 5/12 White Paper due

Week 7: Ethics
5/16 Read: Katz “Ethics of Expediency” 

5/18: Workshop
Friday 5/19 Proposal Due 

Week 8: Composing
5/23: In class workshop

5/25: In class Peer review

Friday 5/26 First draft of Information Packet due

Week 9: Revising
5/30: In class usability test. Gina Barukh Visits.

6/1: Meetings with Dr. Fancher.

Friday 6/2 Information Packet Due

Week 10

6/6: Review of course

6/8: Prepare for final project

Due: Monday 6/12 Portfolio