Tech Writing Resources

As we move through the course, you’ll need to learn a lot of writing and communication skills. We don’t have time to cover all of these in class. Instead, you need to begin to teach yourself these skills. That’s what professionals do: they teach themselves the skills they need to know. To get you started, I will share reliable and useful resources on this page:

Business emails:
Email etiquette and 12 tips for efficiency and tools for email productivity.

White paper:
Follow the 3-30-3 rule,
Some general guidelines for the genre, including purpose and form.
A step-by-step of the sections.

Memos are like white papers but smaller and meant for a very focused audience.

How to write professional emails:
Learn to write the best ever subject line
How to email busy people
Use your email effectively
10 rules to cut email spiral

Visual communication guides:
What images can you use? Use this guide.
What font should you use? Use this to help you get started.  

Stock & Copyright-friendly images

Consider using Canva to help you design without using more complex programs like Adobe Creative Cloud.

Examples of Medical/Health Literacy info: