Week 4 Assignments

This week, you will be working in pairs to compose an instructions set (either print or a webtext depending on your audience/purpose). We are going to focus more attention on document design.

4/25 Read: Read this short article that summarizes “Design Thinking” watch this short video and this is a really interesting suggested reading about design and the EPA. I recommend drafting the text of your instructions before today’s class.

4/27: Workshop on instructions. Bring draft of instructions to class on Thursday. We will work to improve concision and document design.

Resource: If you want to make a pretty, print instruction set, you may be able to use Canva to help design your project.

Friday 4/28 Instruction set due. You will submit the instruction set as either a PDF or a link to your webtext. In addition, submit the justification essay. Each group member must submit the assignment. Submit this on Gauchospace before midnight. 


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