Week 2 Assignments

We’re getting off to an easy, but very useful start. You likely have job application documents already. The purpose of this assignment is to improve those documents, demonstrate your attention to detail and good use of document design, and revise your application materials to target specific positions and companies.

4/11 Easy reading this week. Just read this article about cover letters and another article about resumes. We’ll have a workshop on analyzing job ads and company websites. I recommend that you bring in at least 1 job ad that you would like to apply for. Link for Job Application Advice. If you want a guide to LinkedIn, Time magazine has a fairly useful article.

4/13: Workshop: Come to class with at least 2 job ads for positions you would ideally apply for. Bring PRINT copies of draft resumes and cover letters.

Friday 4/14 Job Documents due. Submit on Gauchospace before midnight. Submit the cover letter, resume, and justification essay as PDFs. You must include the link to your online portfolio and the job ad that you are targeting on the justification essay document. 


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